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Burundi | Gatukuza


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Country: Burundi
Region: Ngozi
Producer: Gatukuza Washing Station
Elevation: 1750m
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Roast: Medium
Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Red Apple, Black Tea


Product Description

This beautiful coffee was sourced by our friends at Long Miles Coffee from the Gatukuza washing station. Twenty nineteen marked a year of great “firsts” for Gatukuza: It was the first year they produced day lots as opposed to bulk lots that lacked traceability. It was the first year they cupped through all of the coffee they produced. These changes obviously paid off as it was also the first year that their fully-washed coffee won first place in Burundi’s Cup Of Excellence.

THE NAME: Gatukuza washing station is named after the hill it’s built on. The word ‘Gatukuza’ comes from Kirundi, the local language spoken in Burundi, but has no distinct meaning or translation. For as long as people can remember, that’s what the hill has been called.

MANAGER: Hermès Niyonkuru

REGION: Gatukuza washing station is nestled in the Gashikanwa commune, in the northern province of Ngozi. The people who call Gatukuza home grow almost everything they eat – bananas, potatoes, beans, maize, sweet potatoes, peas – wrapping the hill in every imaginable shade of green.

NUMBER OF FARMING FAMILIES: 600 farmers from 8 neighboring hills deliver the cherries to Gatukuza washing station. Therence and his team mapped out the regions that are far from the washing station or don’t have access to a nearby washing station. From the maps they picked 112 spots to set up cherry collection points in the coffee hills. The collection points shorten the distance farmers have to travel to deliver their coffee cherries. More than 10 000 farming families from 9 regions delivered their cherries to collection points this season.

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